Our mission and values

Our principles


Our mission is to increase the value of the most important asset of traders – “Time”! Offering the most modern and innovative services, optimal support and unwavering loyalty, we are confident that, given the constantly changing market conditions, we are always able to offer optimum solutions to our customers. We strive to be leaders in the industry and our customers to disclose the full potential of the financial markets, as well as put the individual needs of each of them in the center of all our decisions. We do our best to achieve maximum performance and security for each client’s investment. Due to the high creativity and extensive experience of our team, we are confident that we will achieve our planned objectives.


Our values


We perform all of our obligations in respect of those with whom we work – to our customers and partners. We improve their work and develop their ambitions to the highest possible performance, doing everything possible to help them achieve all their aspirations.



Our employees – our greatest asset. We understand that every minute spent at work – this minute, torn from their homes and families. We always try to show them how much we are grateful to them, and how much value their personal qualities. We believe in the importance of motivation and, most importantly, in equality of opportunity.


A responsibility

We try to help the community, which is so much help ourselves. Possessing human qualities, we have a responsibility to support any attempt to protect the environment, improve education, health and society as a whole.



We implicitly believe that respect – it is the basis of everything. This value, which in any case can not be excluded from the personal or professional life. In BidAsko we respect ourselves, each other, our work, our clients and our society. Our company stands for trust, honesty, transparency, innovation and progress.

BidAsko will give you access to the Forex market and lead the world in trading currencies – the world in which your financial future is in your own hands … It BidAsko!

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