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Privacy policy

    1. This website and its contents are subject to copyright laws and intellectual property.
    2. You can not use the materials from this website or any other original text without the permission of BidAsko Global Limited. If you wish to obtain permission, please contact us.
    3. BidAsko copying information from the website and its publication anywhere else on the Internet are only allowed if the source of information and title indication of links on the place where the information was found.
      1. Duties
      2. Data collection
      3. Use of personal data
      4. A cookie
      5. Security & Protection
      6. Your consent
      7. Your rights
      8. Requests

1. Duties

Privacy of visitors to our website and customers, both present and former, it is very important to us. BidAsko obliged to take all necessary security measures for the protection of any information about you that we collect, use and store.

2. Data collection

When opened in BidAsko demo or live account, we need to receive from you some personal information. Understanding your financial needs, we provide the most appropriate cmozhem you, as a customer, products and services, the relevant information about investment strategies, obrobatyvat your requests and to make financial transactions, as well as to offer you as a pre-sales and after-sales services.

We ask you for personal information such as:

      • Personal and financial information required to fill the online registration form
      • Documents confirming your identity and place of residence, such as international or national passport, a utility bill or bank statement

Please note that if you pause its cooperation with BidAsko, we have to keep your personal information over the next five years after the end of the collaboration.

3. Use of personal data

The following list shows the reasons for which BidAsko may need to use your personal data:

      • To confirm your identity
      • To make sure that you meet the requirements to use our products and services
      • To manage the accounts you have opened with us
      • To make your financial transactions
      • To send you information about financial transactions and services associated with them
      • To keep you informed of the latest news about our products and services, and inform you the other information associated with your cooperation with BidAsko
      • In order to improve and optimize the website
      • To collect the analytical and statistical data that will help us to further provide you with superior products and services

4. A cookie

Cookie files – these are files that store a small amount of information collected during the first visit to your website, and which later are stored in your browser. If in the future you visit the website again, the information stored in a cookie, will be used to optimize your presence on it. , Cookie store may remember you have entered your username and password. Thus, cookie data used to make the website could offer its users the personal touch when it is used.

If you do not agree with our Policy storing the cookie, you can turn off the cookie and use the website as usual.
5. Security & Protection

BidAsko obliged to take all necessary security measures to safeguard your personal information by adhering to strict standards of security and the use of modern security technologies.
6. Your consent

By visiting this website, you hereby consent to BidAsko for storage, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
7. Your rights

In accordance with the Act of personal data protection, each user is guaranteed a number of rights related to personal data. These rights include the right to access and / or modify your personal data, the right to stop processing the data, and the right to prevent unwanted marketing activities. BidAsko ensures that your personal information is fully protected in accordance with applicable laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal data.
8. Requests

If you have any questions that are not answered in this Privacy Policy, please contact us by e-mail [email protected] or on +44 208 068 19 03.

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