Security client funds

BidAsko Global Limited provides its services to more than 10 000 customers in 99 countries around the world. We strictly adhere to all required safety standards, paying particular attention to the safety of our clients funds. The first priority for us is to protect clients and their investments. We strive to create a safe and secure trading environment for our customers.


International standards

Activities controlled SDT BROKERAGE CORP, Law Partners House, Lini Highway, Port Vila, Vanuatu. SDT BROKERAGE CORP International Company # 14528 is authorized to conduct business in accordance c Law of Securities Dealers (CAP. 70) .. We are trusted by traders from around the world. Their means are separated and kept in separate bank accounts, which ensures complete safety.


Separate storage means

Client funds are completely separate from the operating funds of the company and kept in the accounts of the European banks of the highest class. BidAsko Ltd does not use customer funds for any transaction or investment purposes as providing them with total protection throughout the storage period.


Partnership with banks

BidAsko Global is working with several banks. Please refer to our section Deposits and withdrawals for more information.


Encryption technology

BidAsko Global network uses SSL cryptographic protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) for safe connection in all interactions with customers, to protect them during the transaction, as well as the preservation of their confidentiality.

  1. Using the user identification and authentication policy on the server to ensure the correct transfer of data between the user terminal and the server.
  2. Encryption of data during transmission to prevent theft and the possibility of access by third parties.
  3. Preservation of data integrity to ensure their invariance during transmission.


We have a clear financial working conditions and a transparent information policy

BidAsko Global makes every effort to ensure full transparency. We adhere to strict financial standards. We are also required to report periodically to the governing organizations of our activities.

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