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Company BidAsko – a recognized authority in the field of trade in the Forex market, so periodically publishes independent experts confirmed statistics of its work. Our goal – not only set new standards and raise the benchmarks in the Forex industry, but also to provide all our customers with current information about the state of our affairs, thereby ensuring the highest level of transparency. The following statistics illustrate the unprecedented trading conditions and superior customer service, which we are rightly proud.

BidAsko committed to full transparency of activities, so these statistics have been audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited (PwC) in accordance with International Standard on Review of Financial Statements (ISAE) 3000.

Quality of service and customer satisfaction

BidAsko doing everything possible to ensure our customers with an excellent level of service and support that they deserve, and make every effort to facilitate trade and make it comfortable. Whether it’s ultra-fast approval procedure accounts or processing customer financial transactions – we strive to provide you with excellent service in all respects.



Less than 12 minutes


More than 84% of operations are processed
for 5 minutes


More than 90%
positive reviews

The speed of execution of orders

Award-winning speed of execution of orders BidAsko ensures excellent performance and ease of trade. We know that to get the best price every second counts, so execute the deal with lightning speed.


* The figures have been checked and confirmed by PWC until January 2016.


Statistics positive slippage BidAsko shows that we do not just offer the asking price; We strive to fulfill your order in the best possible conditions. Thanks to us, “slip” takes on new meaning. Most BidAsko customers get better value for money due to the positive slippage. In fact, this price is usually even better than the original. Reducing the negative slippage has become the standard for BidAsko, and we strive to ensure that it was in the future!

*The figures have been checked and confirmed by PWC until January 2016.


Thanks to the collaboration with financial institutions and top-tier banks BidAsko has access to deep liquidity that allows us to execute your orders, even under extreme market volatility. Our requotes rate has already reached a very competitive level, and we hope to lower it even further!

*The figures have been checked and confirmed by PWC until January 2016.

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