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Program BidAsko “Portfolio Asset Management Mechanism Program (PAMM)” – an innovative control system portfolio, predstavlyayushaya an exclusive development BidAsko. It allows experienced traders to provide trade management strategy of Investment Portfolio (PMD) BidAsko and receive compensation for it.

BidAsko uses unparalleled knowledge base Forex industry with superior technological capabilities PAMM program, taking advantage of the Forex market as an asset class for the formation of the overall investment portfolio of clients. Currently, investment portfolio management department invites experienced traders who can offer successful strategies for trading in the Forex market under the PAMM program.

Strategies providers receive 20% commission for successful strategies,
percentage may be even higher depending on the PMD solutions.

Are you sure of your skills? Join BidAsko PMD team as a strategy provider!


Traders set themselves goals - PAMM helps to go through and overcome every step on the path to success
Investors can take advantage of carefully selected investment portfolio trading strategies Management Division
Huge selection of available portfolios, according to the requirements of the trader and the level of risk that he is willing to take on the
Progress in the implementation of the portfolio and the results are available on the trader's request


  • Flexibility
  • Simplicity
  • Security
  • Confidentiality
  • Innovation
  • Confession

No fees or additional payments. Performance Strategies are being paid at a rate of 20% for a successful strategy, although the percentage may be higher depending on the PMD solutions.

Become a provider PAMM strategies in 4 simple steps:

Sign in DidAsko

Provide a history of your trades

Wait for approval BidAsko PMD

After receiving the approval of the remuneration you rely for your strategy

Step by step instructions on how to become a provider of PAMM strategies


PAMM ECN accounts have the same conditions, and accounts that BidAsko ECN; however, some restrictions apply and the conditions for PAMM ECN accounts:

  • Leverage from 1: 100 to 1:25
  • The minimum amount for funding the account of 100 $ / €
  • Trading Instruments: 36 major and minor currency pairs, spot metals 5
  • The maximum amount per transaction with the major currency pairs: 9 000 000 $
  • The maximum amount per transaction with a minor currency pairs Metals: 6 000 000 $
  • BidAsko reserves the right, provided customers a notification to suspend transactions during
  • High market volatility.

PAMM ECN accounts have the same rate swaps and commissions, and counting that BidAsko ECN. For more information, please click here.


Traders are able to provide certain services to other traders, for example, the trading signals or strategies according to the PAMM program. Open PAMM account and link it to the trading system backup. Thus, you can earn in two ways simultaneously. Check out the details of our system up transactions.

Any trader with a successful trading history can apply for certification BidAsko PMD and join the team of our strategies providers, having the opportunity to earn commissions for their trading strategies used by other traders.

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