Partnership programs

We offer our partners a lot of benefits that cover all types of partnerships, including representatives, affiliates and agents. Each of the programs provides an opportunity to become part of the largest financial market in the world, and all of them are created in such a way as to perfectly meet the needs of different types of partners.

At the moment, customers can choose from two main programs: Program Representatives and affiliate programs. The difference between them lies in the fact that representatives usually work directly with potential customers, communicating with them firmly, while most of the affiliates of the activity is carried out online. In addition, representatives receive commission for volume transactions conducted by their customers, and affiliates receive payment based on fee-per-action (CPA).

To get the most out of our affiliate programs, you need to choose a program that suits you and your business.

Representatives program

As a representative you need to refer clients to BidAsko and charge for this service. Every time one of your customers towards a deal commits, you get a commission. The program is absolutely free and is available to all registered users. It is perfect for a first step in building a broad partnership network.

We offer attractive and flexible payment system, where the value of the representative of the Commission depends on the volume of trades of its customers – the greater the volume, the greater the size of the commission.

Affiliate program

You own financial website with a lot of traffic? You blogger, known in social networks or the identity of online credibility? You as the affiliate is not necessary to have knowledge about the Forex market or to meet with your clients personally. All that you need – is a blog with a lot of visitors, website or social media friends. You will receive a complete set of different tools to promote BidAsko, and as soon as the client given you begin to trade, you will receive a reward. We offer a high rate of CPA, 90-day cookie and the meter transitions Quality Score based on the amount of deposit customers of their trading accounts. In addition, our partners can monitor their activity and an indicator of CPA via your personal affiliate panel partner BidAsko Partners website.

For more information about affiliate programs, please visit our special website at If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone or via chat and we will be happy to assist you!

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