CFD on commodities

Trading contracts for difference

What is a CFD?

CFD, or Contract for Difference – is an agreement between buyer and seller that the seller will pay the buyer the difference between the price of the assets at the time of conclusion of the agreement – and the price of the asset at the moment. CFD quickly gained popularity among traders due to a number of obvious advantages.


What is CFD on commodities?

In BidAsko we offer a number of different CFD trading. We are attentive to your needs and try to meet the high demand for these or other financial instruments. Our CFD on commodities – this is a new and flexible way to trade with direct access to the commodity markets with lower margin requirements.

You can trade CFD on the following products:

  • UK Brent (Spot)
  • US Crude (Spot)
  • US Natural Gas (Spot)


Advantages of CFD on commodities

  • CFD trading on commodities is much cheaper than trading the underlying assets, as margin requirements for CFD is much lower.
  • Leverage when trading CFD higher than when trading in the Forex market. margin requirement can reach a value of 2%, which means that you can trade much larger amounts, regardless of how you are a trader.
  • Instant execution ensures that your transaction will be carried out quickly and efficiently.
  • The fact that CFD offers you the possibility to use both short and long positions, says that you can always take advantage of the situation and earn even in a falling market.


Read more on our page contract specification.

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