CFD on indices

Trading CFD contracts

What is a CFD?

Contract for Difference (CFD) – a contract between buyer and seller, whereby the seller has to pay the difference between the price at the time of conclusion of the contract – and the price at the moment. CFD trading has a number of advantages that have made it extremely popular.


Advantages of CFD

  • When torgolve CFD you can just as easily open both long and short positions. Margin requirements for short positions are identical margin requirements for long positions, and there are no additional rules for the sale.
  • Trading CFD is much cheaper than the basic trade stocks, indices and futures, and you can get the same profit.
  • Instant Execution – Your transactions are executed without any delay and with maximum accuracy.
  • By trading the CFD, you can make a profit even in a falling market, because you have the opportunity to open short positions.

Full list CFD for indexes is available on our website contract specifications.

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