CFD on shares

Trading in shares of your favorite companies

Determination of CFD

CFD means Contract for Difference. This agreement between the two parties, the buyer and seller, whereby the seller is obliged to pay the buyer the difference between the price at the time of conclusion of the contract – and the price at the moment. CFD are becoming more and more popular among traders as they offer a number of unique advantages.


Determination of CFD on shares

In BidAso You can access the stock markets, trading CFD’s. At the same time you do not need to physically buy the underlying asset in order to sell them. Investors can freely buy and sell shares of corporations that are traded on stock exchanges.

We offer our CFD clients in more than 40 shares of leading companies in the world, such as Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft and American Express.


Advantages of CFD

  • Ability to open both long and short positions if you want to open a short position, then there is not any special rules for the sale of individual or margin requirements. Moreover, as the shares are not physically bought and not sold, then there is no need for borrowed funds.
  • The ability to use leverage: the leverage when trading CFD often higher than with traditional trading and margin requirements starting with the value of 2%. High leverage allows you to trade a large number of assets with minimal investment.
  • Access to capital markets: the absence of the strict restrictions on margin requirements, traders provides easy access to the capital markets.
  • Fast execution: execution of transactions occurs instantaneously, so any delays possible impact on trade.
  • Profit even in a falling market: an opportunity to open short positions means that traders can make a profit even if the market movement directed towards a recession.

Trading hours

Trading hours for CFD on shares identical to the trade hours, during which take place by the sale of shares.

Read more on our page contract specification.

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