Forex trading indicators for MT5



Every trader, seriously engaged in trade in the Forex market knows that a good trading plan in conjunction with an effective trading indicators can significantly increase profits and the percentage of successful transactions. Therefore, especially for you BidAsko dealers selected some of the most essential trading indicators for MT5. Here they are:

Indicator orders

Simple orders indicator allows you to monitor your own transactions and analyze the activity of other traders. It shows you your trades directly on the chart, marking the place where this or that transaction was opened and closed, and what it was for a profit or incurred loss (in currency or points).

Point value calculator

Learn the value of 1 pip / point for any instrument in the base currency of your trading account, and is calculated in accordance with it its ratio of profit to the level of risk. Use the indicator for effective capital management, or to create your own expert advisors.

Support and resistance levels

With just one glance you can embrace daily, weekly and monthly highs and lows and the corresponding levels of support and resistance. Indicator support and resistance levels can be applied to their strategies of penetration and is ideal for setting a stop-loss orders.

Spread indicator

Learn about the current value of the spread in the points directly on the chart in different time periods using a custom indicator useful spreads.

LED daytime bar

Updated daily in the bar display real-time, which is optimized for display quotations with 4 and 5 characters after the decimal point. It draws on the candlestick chart over a time period up to the D1, with the mapping of the upper and lower shadow candle, her body and full size in points.

Market data in CSV

Automatically records the historical market data in your chart, and each new tick – a csv file. To find your saved files, open the folder “MQL4” directory in the MetaTrader 5 and click on the “Files” folder.

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