Annex Multi Account Manager (MAM) for MT5

Annex Multi Account Manager (MAM) – is a unique solution for professional traders, who need both at the same time effectively manage multiple accounts.

Never had to manage multiple accounts was not so easy!
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MAM is based on the MetaTrader 5 MultiTerminal. MAM application is designed to:

Managing multiple trading accounts
Implementation of labor operations
Management of open positions and pending orders
Obtaining quotes and news

Key features and benefits:

MAM is equipped with a number of unique features that make it easy as possible to work with multiple accounts, making it more intuitive:

  • MultiTerminal combines multiple accounts, making it easier to manage.
  • When sending a request for the opening of the transaction position is opened immediately on all accounts connected to MultiTerminal.
  • The amount of positions for each account is calculated automatically based on defined rules.
  • A trader can see detailed statistics, and full control of commercial operations for each account that is connected to MultiTerminal.

Allocation of capital

В MetaTrader 5 MultiTerminal предусмотрено 5 способов распределения средств:

BASED ON PREDEFINED VOLUME OF TRADES – when placing orders using predefined trading volume. Traders need to manually specify the number of items for each order, by double-clicking in the “Volume” (Volume). This predetermined amount will be used in the future when placing orders.

OF THE TOTAL VOLUME FOR EACH ORDER – when placing each order using the total amount of the transaction (Lot Allocation Management Module, LAMM – mapping control unit lots).

THROUGH EQUITABLE DISTRIBUTION OF FUNDS – the total amount of the transaction is distributed evenly between all orders.

BASED EQUITY RATIO – total amount of funds distributed among the orders in proportion depending on the total own capital accounts.

BASED FREE MARGIN – the total amount distributed among the orders in accordance with the free margin on the trading account.

For more information, see. In MultiTerminal User Guide (F1)

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