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Trading Account

BidAsko Pro has all the features, from the cent account to the account for trading stocks. You can buy lots (from micro to full), trade in Forex currency pairs, futures depending on market conditions. Now there is no need to create a lot of accounts, in BidAsko Pro all your wishes are taken into account.

Demo account

The best way to get started with the Forex market is to practice trading with demo trading accounts. BidAsko Pro has its own exact demo copy. So if you want to improve your trading strategy, then create our demo account and start trading.

For information on ECN PAMM accounts, please go to the “PAMM Account” page of our website. Please note:

  1. Scalping is not allowed on servers with instant execution.
  2. The spread may be increased depending on market conditions.
  3. For futures, the maximum trading volume is 10 lots.
  4. In case you have active investors, requests for replenishment of account or withdrawal of funds will be approved as soon as you close all positions on your account
    Institutional level spreads are available on BidAsko Pro accounts, provided that the balance is at least EUR 25,000 / GBP / USD and this amount is supported.
  5. If the balance in the BidAsko Pro account is below the required amount, the size of the spread can be changed to the one that is offered to the accounts below the levels, until the required balance is restored.
  6. Attention: a week before the publication of the earnings report, at the opening of the trading session, the margin for new and open positions for shares of some companies will be doubled.


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