VPS Hosting for Forex trading

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BidAsko rapid development – is the result of our commitment to innovation and frequent launches of new products and services. From the very beginning we promised our clients continuously improve and optimize our processes. Working together with the best third-party service providers, which provide access to a free VPS servers, we are once again ready to prove that adhere to their promises. Now, every customer has the opportunity to place a full-featured virtual PCs on our cloud servers and access them via a computer or mobile device through the protocol Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).


What is a VPS?

VPS means Virtual Private Server – virtual private server. It is a virtual machine, which operates completely independently, in the same way as it functioned a separate physical computer. Due to its stability and flexibility, VPS has become the perfect solution for many traders, as it provides a technically more secure environment for trade and faster order execution process. VPS is always connected to the Internet, and the trader is protected from possible troubles such as a computer virus, communication failure or lack of electricity. Moreover, these servers – it is the ideal platform for automated trading.

There is nothing that can be your physical computer, and can not VPS. VPS offers the same feature set, but with potentially greater productivity.


What are the advantages of VPS?

  • Works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • 99.9% of the time in working condition
  • Optimal connection speed
  • Not affected by the unexpected interruption of the connection, power outages or system errors
  • Suitable for traders use Expert Advisors
  • The ability to execute orders with minimal delay
  • Smooth operation with other operating systems
  • Rapid recovery of lost data

VPS offers many advantages and is incredibly attractive to trade in the Forex market. By offering such an exclusive service to our customers, we strive to make their business activities more easily and efficiently, helping them get the most out of their shopping experience.

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