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BidAsko Company makes every effort to provide traders with everything necessary for successful trading in the Forex market. It is not only our services, but also on the training material. Each trader, we recommend taking a training course to work on Forex. Make it very simple, with the support of our company. We use the articles and educational materials, carefully selected by our leading experts, which reveals exactly those topics that, in our opinion, are crucial in the conduct of the auction.

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How to choose the best
market broker
Forex market
The first and foremost step for a trader is to choose a forex broker you can trust is safe.
What is the trade
the Forex market
Before you begin to explain to you what is, in fact, is trading on the Forex market, we would like to acquaint you with a little historical context…
Forex market basics
If you’re dealing with the Forex market for the first time, this can create some difficulties. New concepts, theories, and terminology – all at the same time brings many new traders into a dead end…

Video tutorials

How to trade on the MT5 platform

Learn to work with the platform MetaTrader5: open positions, set the restraining orders, understand graphics to customize the platform in its sole discretion, and much, much more.

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